The FREE Package

The FREE Package

Instant access to the following:

  • Pressure Point Fighting Mini Course
  • The Martial Arts Community
  • The Russell Stutely Blog

The FREE Pressure Point Fighting Mini Course

This is 100% free and gives a great idea of how I teach Pressure Points.

The lessons are taken directly from our Full Online courses, all in full Hi-Definition for absolute clarity.

The Martial Arts Community

This is free to everyone and always will be. Use it to locate friends and colleagues in the Arts around the World.

Find a training partner locally or even advertise your MA School or related business.

You can create your own Groups/s and encourage others to join. Think of this as a MA and Self Defnse Facebook with none of the privacy issues.

Over 5000 Members and more joining daily.

The Russell Stutely Blog

We have always put a ton of great information on our Blog and now you can leave your comments as a signed up Member.